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Membership Benefits 
Join Us TODAY membership is Free of Charge.  Together we can build a nationwide community of Couples who not only enjoy the great game of golf together, but also enjoy meeting and playing with other Couples of a like mind.  

Below is a list of planned benefits for Members to CouplesGolfonline:

  1. Access to member's database of all couples registered.  You can query the database to find a couple you would like to get acquainted with.
  2. Access to member's bulletin board, where you can read, post and reply to posting by members.
  3. Access to a detailed Calendar of important Couples events scheduled around the country.
  4. Travel and trip planning message board for Members to post travel plans and schedule golf rounds with another couple.
  5. Links of all top golf sites.
  6. Become eligible for special discounts on travel, resort vacations, Condominium offers, and golf courses.
  7. Automatically receive our quarterly email newsletter.

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If you have suggestions or comments about member benefits you would be interested in please email us.