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About Us

My wife and I have enjoyed our time together on the golf course for many years. We participate in as many couples’ events that our club sponsors that we can and enjoy the friendly competition unique to couples events. The idea for couplesgolfonline presented itself when time after time, when booking tee times at various resorts, our requests to be paired with another couple were constantly ignored. No matter how many times we asked, our chances of getting matched up with another couple were usually few and far between. We also could never participate in our club’s Couples Member-Guest tournament because we didn’t know of any other golfing couples in our area to contact.  

During a recent trip to an unnamed resort, we endured three painful rounds that went like this: we were forced to play the first round as a twosome, which as you know, on a resort course led to a torturous 5 hour round; we played the second round with two brothers who spent most of the round comparing scars from their recent surgeries; the third round we spent with two guys from the Midwest who hadn't touched their clubs in a year—long day! Sound familiar?

We decided it was time to take matters into our own hands and do something about remedying these intolerable situations. That is how the basic idea for couplesgolfonline was born. A nationwide registry of couples who enjoy spending time together on a golf course seemed to be the solution. Aside from our bad experiences on some golf courses, we have also met some great couples from all over the country and always had a very enjoyable round, which many times culminated in dinner and a pleasant evening as well.

CHUCK Golf has been a part of my life since I was a teenager. Growing up in Wisconsin the time spent on the golf course was especially savored because the season was so short. Time on the golf courses was spent with other guys and the camaraderie was something I always looked forward to—from making foursomes, to making side bets, to celebrating a great round or drowning sorrows over missed shots or missed putts over a few beers at the 19th hole. I was hooked. Golf was something I knew would be a part of my life forever. I had no idea how much fun I would have when I found a woman who shared my enthusiasm and love of the game.

SUSIE Chuck introduced me to the game of golf shortly after we were married. I never understood the fascination until he persuaded me to swing a club instead of just walking along while he played. I had the same fears most women have when taking up a sport later in life—how can I do this without making a fool of myself? I discovered very quickly that golf is a very humbling game and you just have to accept that. Even the best golfers hit bad shots. I developed a love/hate relationship with the game early on. However, all the frustration you feel when you’re playing poorly can be erased in an instant when you hit that one clean, pure shot or sink that 20 foot putt. Golf is time consuming and the time my husband would spend on the golf course away from me is now time we can spend together and we look forward to doing it for the rest of our lives.

Why not join us and find another couple who matches your handicap and is your same age, and loves to enjoy golf with other couples. With the costs of playing a round of golf what they are today, it's nice to know you can truly get your monies worth knowing you'll be teamed with someone you have something in common.